Thursday, October 27, 2016

Party Games: Celebrity Pairs

This game is a great way to start a party, because it gets people talking and it is a great way to get party guests in pairs for future games. Here is how I do Celebrity Pairs:

When I am planning for the party and doing all of the printing I print out a grid of famous celebrity duos. I have prepped a free printable for a party with 16 guests, but you can change this list to cater to your party! You can find the printble HERE. As I was coming up with the couples for the printable, I was getting some help from my family and realizing that all of the couples we used to rely on have broken up! We always used to use Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez and Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie - so if celebrity couples keep breaking up, this game will become increasingly difficult!

Once the grid of famous duos is printed out, cut along the grid so you have little strips of paper with one name on each slip. When party guests arrive, tape one name on their back and explain to them that they may only ask other party guests yes or no questions to determine the name on their back. Once they have to figure out who they have on the other half to their duo.

For example... If a party guest has Mickey Mouse on their back, they could ask questions like - Am I a human? Am I an actor? Am I a female? Am I associated with Disney? And so on. Once they have determined that they are Mickey Mouse, they would go looking for Minnie Mouse.

I use this at the very beginning of parties and I typically use it to get party guests into pairs for the next game. For instance, if we're going to be playing So You Think You Can Dance, this game would get them into the pairs that they would be dancing with! :)

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