Thursday, December 8, 2016

Top 5: Christmas Movies

Today, I'm talking about my five favorite Christmas movies. I posted about my favorite non-holiday movies back in July - you can find that post HERE. When I did that post, I had a hard time not including all of my favorite Christmas movies, but I wrote them all down & saved them for today
1. Frosty the Snowman! I love old school Frosty! I have been watching this since I was tiny and I always love when Frosty comes to life and one of the characters suggest that they name him Oatmeal!
2. Miracle on 34th street is another favorite of mine! The little girl in this movie is SO sweet! I have also been watching this movie for years and my favorite part has always been when Susan reveals that she asked Kris Kringle for a little brother! I love that part so much because I used to wish for a little sister every year on Christmas!
3. My family watched this a couple of weekends ago and I just love it so much! Jim Carrey plays the Grinch so well! And I am always amazed with Cindy Loo Whoo's hair!

4. All three of these movies can count as one, right!? I tried to choose one but I couldn't - they are all equally magical and I often refer to them as movie. My family has yet to watch this trilogy this season but I am so looking forward to it because I love it soooo much!
5. Every year, I think 'surely, this is the year where I get sick of Elf!' But it never happens! There is always something that cracks me up in this movie!

What are your holiday favorites? See you tomorrow!

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