Monday, January 2, 2017

Music for Monday: Macy Grey

Happy 2017!! I started watching Gilmore Girls over Christmas break - I know that I might be the very last person watching this show but I love it! I'm only a couple episodes into season one, but one thing I know about the Gilmore Girls is how much they love Macy Grey! I love music recommendations from anyone and everyone, so I listened to a few Macy Grey songs and here are the ones that I have fallen in love with...

Beauty in the World - Macy Grey
I have actually known & loved this song long before I started Gilmore Girls but I have re-discovered my love for this song since starting the show. I love the message in this song & hope it brings a little spunk to your Monday morning!
I Try - Macy Grey
This is really the song that I have discovered since watching Gilmore Girls and I couldn't love it any more! This has been my jam so far in 2017! I mean, it's only been 2 days but I won't be taking it off repeat anytime soon!

See you tomorrow!

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