Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My Quotable Kids

While I don't have any kids of my own just yet, I'm lucky enough to be able to work with kids everyday! I've been student teaching for a little over a month and my first graders say the funniest things! I started writing down the funny moments/quotes and I have quite the list to share with you today! I hope these kid quotes bring a smile to your face today!
1, 2, 3 Magic Curiosity
My first one is a little intricate, bare with me. There is a student in my class who is struggling big time with behavior. We are trying a 1, 2, 3 magic system with him right now - if he begins to act out, we give him one warning and let him know what the consequence will be when he needs a second warning. I hate threatening kids, it really sucks! But for some reason it is all that has worked with this little guy! So one day, he started behaving inappropriately during circle time. My cooperating teacher said "Sam, that's one. If you get to two, you have to go for a walk with Miss Sara" (the integration aide). Usually the situation ends there, but on this particular day, another student called out "what's gonna happen when you get to three?"  

I know that teachers are not supposed to laugh at the expense of their students, but I just barely managed to keep it together! At the end of the day, my cooperating teacher, the integration aide and I laughed so hard about this! I love how witty some kids are! 

The Blind leading the Blind
I'm just going to say plain and simple, my kids can't write. There are one or two who are more capable, but for the most part, my students are stretching out sounds and assigning letters to the sound to make words. Totally acceptable in grade one, but often quite funny to read! 
During our community unit, my students were reflecting on their role at home, at school and in their community. We had written a few examples down on the SMARTboard like 'I clean up my toys,' 'I play soccer,' 'I feed my cat' among many others. Oliver turned to the boy sitting next to him and asked "can you help me find the one that says 'I help my little brother'?" Well, Oliver's desk buddy marches up to the SMARTboard and points to the sentence that says "I feed my cat." So Oliver wrote "I feed my cat"

Later, as I was walking around, I said "Oliver, I didn't know you had a cat! What's his name?" Oliver looked at me, confused as can be and says "I don't have a cat." I asked him why he wrote that he feeds his cat and he said "I did not write anything about a cat. This says I help my little brother!" Oh my goodness! It was so hard not to laugh! I know he was making a solid effort, but it was just too funny!

Best Friends
At the end of the day, when I was walking my walkers out to the school yard, one of my students said to me "Logan and I are best friends now." I said "No way!? I'm so glad!" He continued by saying "we were coloring together and we found out that both of our first favorite colors is green and our second favorite color is brown. So now we have to be best friends." All of this was said so matter of fact - they had to be best friends now. Almost as if it was the law. I think I found this so funny because I totally remember ordering my favorite colors! 

Girl Chat Secrets
During free choice on Friday afternoons, I have a group of girls who love to sit at the round table, color and chat! I am all about girl chat but overhearing their little conversations always cracks me up! One girl said "You have to promise not to tell anyone else this secret." All of the girls pinky promised to keep this on the down low, so she continued by saying "if you mix brown, green, pink and light purple together you can make golden." Now, this little girl group tries to make this illustrious golden color on everything they do! Let me tell you, it definitely does not make golden! It really just soaks the paper with marker ink! 

Yoga Breathing
My students are so little, I often have to remind myself that they are only six! They still have many little kid tendencies! Often, they're cute, but one that I can't stand - tantrums! I have one student in particular who's first resort is to tantrum. It's a work in progress, but it's tough to deal with!  

One day, he was having one of his epic tantrums and my quick witted kiddo starts breathing really slowly. I mean, the inhales and exhales were probably 8 Mississippi's each! Once the tantrum cooled off, I went to see quick witted Carter to ask him what in the world he was doing. He said "This is very stressful. I'm doing my yoga breathing."

I actually am really glad that Carter knows what helps him in a stressful situation. And I am so glad he can sit at his desk and calm himself down, but this was hilarious! What kind of 6 year old does 'yoga breathing'!?

Too funny, right!? I'm going to be way more intentional about writing funny things down! I hope to share more in the future!

*Please note that while all of these situation are true, I have not used any of the kids or teachers real names to protect everyone's identity! 

Have a great day!

*Please note that while all of these situation are true, I have not used any of the kids or teachers real names to protect everyone's identity!

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