Thursday, December 14, 2017

Picking our tree 2017

Every year, my family loads up in the car and heads off to our favorite tree farm. We try to go the first weekend of December, but the first weekend of December this year was wild. So, we went last weekend instead! The tree farm is always cold but full of Christmas magic! Here are a few pictures from our trip -
This is the house on the property of the tree farm. Every year, I look forward to seeing this house because it is so Christmas-y! There are rocking chairs on the front porch with Christmas quilts hung over them. it is all so quaint!
 Can you see those cute Charlie Brown trees!? I love them!
As soon as we arrive, we hop on the tractor and ride out into the field to pick our tree!
We just walk through trees upon trees until we find our perfect fit!
We picked this tree and my dad cut it down.
The Bean and I carried the tree about half way back to the main part of the farm but it was heavy! So we lifted it onto the hay ride and rode back to get some hot chocolate!
The Bean and I went inside went inside to get some hot chocolate and I spotted this fabulous nutcracker display! My little cousin, Roma loves nutcrackers so I took this picture just for her! I knew she would adore this nutcracker display!
We loaded the tree onto the roof of out car and headed home to decorate! I can't wait to share some pictures of our decorated house - next week!

See you tomorrow :)

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