Thursday, October 11, 2018

Top 5: About Me

Today, I'm sitting down to wrap up 5 posts that share a little glimpse into me as a person. Where my blog's main purpose is to share recipes and talk food, I've ended up sharing little bits about me along the way. I've discussed this before, but I really work hard to find a balance between sharing enough to keep readers interested but keeping my life personal. For the most part I blog about food and I think my personality comes through in writing style, but every once in a while I go wild and share a more personal post. So, here are 5 posts that have nothing to do with food and everything to do with me...

1. 20 Facts About Me [07/21/2016]

This was the first post I did that erred on the more personal side. This post went live on my 20th birthday just 2 months into my blogging career. Everything on this list is still true - I still wear my hope bracelet, I still love pesto pasta and I still don't eat fish. BUT! Looking back on this post, it almost feels foreign. I've changed so much in these last 2 years of blogging!

2. ONE!! [05/17/2017]
When my blog turned one, I shared how Connected in the Kitchen came to be (not how you'd expect given my love of planning). And I talked about my beginnings in the kitchen. I remember this post feeling huge when I wrote it! I had both of my parents proof read it and I was still SO nervous to post it! Now, it's one of my favorite posts!

3. Spontaneous [01/17/2018]
In this post, I share my intention for 2018 - to be more Spontaneous. I'm a thinker. I like to plan and analyze everything. My goal for 2018 was (and still is!) to make more decisions for the now. To let loose a little more often. And while I love this post, my favorite thing about this post was the reaction I got. I got so many sweet & encouraging texts from friends.

4. Soundtrack to my Life so Far [01/31/2018]
Often, when people learn I have a blog, they ask "What's your favorite thing you've ever posted?" And my response every time is - It's a tie. These Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting were heavenly but this Soundtrack to my Life post was the most fun to write. I spent way too much time writing this post and I don't regret a single minute of it. It was so fun to listen to old music and set my life up in a timeline according to music!

5. 22 Facts for 22 Years [07/19/2018]
This post went up a little before I actually turned 22, because my birthday fell on a Saturday this year but I was still so excited to post it! I loved coming up with these 22 facts. I thought I did a pretty good job coming up with some obscure things about me - this post is full of random facts!

Happy Thursday!

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