Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday Favorites: It's December!

Christmas is 18 days away and I can hardly stand it! This time of year is my favorite of all - the anticipation paired with just the right amount of twinkle lights makes me happy girl! I'm in the thick of finishing up some end of semester school things, but I'm so looking forward to the end of exams and really getting into the holiday season. Let's get into the best of this week, shall we?

1. Yesterday, I posted the recipe for this heavenly Double Chocolate Bundt Cake. You can find the recipe HERE. I brought this cake over to a family friends' house for dessert and it got rave reviews all around (even from those who eat gluten, dairy, eggs & sugar). I love when I find a recipe that works for everyone! So yes, this is a cake that accommodates food sensitivities. But I promise, everyone will love it!
2. And since we're talking bundt cakes, I thought I would give a little teaser of what's in store for next week... A Cinnamon Swirl Bundt Cake! We were a divided house when it came to picking a favorite between the chocolate cake and this one. They are both so good! Bundt cake is always a big hit in my house and I was happy to add this yummy treat to my repertoire! The recipe for this bundt cake will be up next week.
3. Last Saturday, we went to pick out our Christmas tree and here it is all decked out! I have been sitting in front of the lights all day while I've been studying and it makes for the most perfect backdrop! Yesterday, there was a fire going, I had a peppermint tea and the twinkle lights in our house were working overtime! It was cozy holiday perfection!
4. I cannot get enough of Robert Irwin on Jimmy Fallon! I think I've watched all of his segments, I can't even keep track and I just love him so much! He's the most perfect combination of awkward and adorable and he is so entertaining. I love Jimmy's reaction to some of the animals and I have to say, he is much braver than I would be! I take great comfort knowing there is a screen separating me from these animals!
5. My family watched New Girl last year, and we've tried a couple of shows since but nothing really measures up! I loved New Girl so much that I just started re-watching it the other day and I love it just as much! Gosh, I forgot how silly the characters are! I watched a couple episodes on a study break the other day and I could not get enough. The banter between Schmidt, Nick and Winston is so well done. If you are looking fro a great show to start, this is the one!

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Happy weekend!

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  1. What a dreamy tree! I love it! .... and those bundt cakes? Yum.