Wednesday, January 23, 2019

California Days 7 & 8

I'm back to recap the last two days of our California trip! I have loved looking back through pictures and sharing some of my favorite little moments from out trip. The last 2 days were full of so much good! Here is what we did -

On day 7, we went to Disney! I had high hopes for this day! This is what I've been looking forward to for months - Disney in California! And, I think I talked it up a little too much in my mind because while it was a great day, it wasn't at all what I was expecting. It was crazy crowded so we spent most of our day waiting in the longest lines ever. Many fun moments but lots of long waiting too!
Despite the crazy long waits, Disney at Christmastime was everything I hoped it would be. They really do go all out for Christmas and that contributed to the Disney magic.

While we were waiting in line for the Matterhorn, we caught little glimpses of the parade. I love a good parade and Disney parades are especially magical!

Side note here - remember in my Universal post, I talked about all the movies I haven't seen (namely Harry Potter & Transformers). Another movie I haven't seen is Toy Story. I was told to add this to my list so if you're keeping tack that's 16 movies I have to watch. I have my work cut out for me!

Can we take a minute for the castle and Main Street at night time? Gorgeous! The lights were beautiful!
While we were waiting in line for one of the rides (and I do wish I could tell you what ride it was but I honestly cannot remember), we snapped a picture of everyone's feet! Now, looking at this picture I realized we're missing one foot! We were a group of 8 but there are only 7 shoes in this picture. I don't know why we're missing a foot but I do know that these feet did a lot of walking on this day!

While we were in line for this ride, we started playing Head's Up (a great way to pass time in long lines, by the way) and a group of guys from Australia joined in on our game! There was a lot of yelling (even though it was a charades game) but it sure was funny!
The Bean and I got matching Minnie ears and I proceeded to forget them on every ride we went on! The Bean was always lagging behind when we'd get off rides and when I'd ask her what was taking her so long she would say "You forget your ears again." Awesome. Miraculously, I still have my Minnie ears!
Another favorite moment from this day - the carousel at night time! We split into smaller groups because some people wanted to go on a spinning rocket ride (not me!) and others wanted to walk around (me!). As we were walking around, we noticed that the carousel was almost completely empty! We got on without any wait and enjoyed a whimsical ride!

In a show room at Disney, they have props from the most recent Mary Poppins movie and Emily Blunt's costume - so cool!
Before heading home (at 1:00am - that's 4:00am Montreal time), we stopped into the old Mickey theater where they play Steamboat Mickey shows. I had a warm drink and a stage - what more does a girl need? I'm totally kidding! At this point, I just really needed my bed!

On our last day in California, we had a couple of activities planned. First, we hit up a local trampoline park called Get Air in Temecula and I took no pictures. So, you'll just have to trust me that it was awesome!

After the trampoline park, we went home to shower and have lunch before heading out to a vineyard. We went to D'offo Winery and it was beautiful! This day offered the most beautiful views!

The rows of trees paired with the mountains in the background and the dreamy blue sky were absolutely incredible! There were hardly ever clouds in the sky - it was always sunny in Southern California!
I was all about exploring the vineyard until I saw this sign. Ummm no ma'am. I do not like snakes and I do not want to see snakes! I was quick to make my way inside after I saw this sign!
They had motorcycles all over this vineyard and they made for some photo opportunities!
And one last vineyard picture from our way out. We left the vineyard to go out for dinner and the views were beautiful as ever. We some some pretty magical sunsets in California!

See you tomorrow with a delicious recipe!

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