Monday, March 25, 2019

Music for Monday: Talk

I'm baaack! Last week kicked my hiney - for real. Last week left me exhausted, hence my absence from blog land. I know teachers talk about this all the time, but full moon weeks are hard in the classroom. I promise, if you ask any teacher you know they will tell you that something is off in their classroom right before a full moon. There was a full moon last Wednesday and it threw my kiddos off. My classroom was crazy town last weekend and I am so glad to be leaving that full moon behind us.

On top of the crazy brought about by the full moon, I also had a 13 hour work day on Thursday. I got to hang with my fifth graders all day, then I stuck around to meet with all of their parents until 9pm. I totally understand how important this is but it makes for a super long day! So, last week left me tired, but I am hoping to post more this week! I have a couple posts prepped that I just need to sit down and write! I'm hoping to get it all together this week! We'll see...

Sometimes, I'm stumped on what song to post. So, I ask the Bean and she always has a recommendation for me. Always. She is quite the music aficionado. And, this is the song she asked me to share with all of you today!

Talk - Khalid
I know I've talked about my love for Khalid before. I love his music and I am a big fan of this new song!

Happy Monday!! Hopefully I'll be back to share some classroom fun soon! 

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