Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Favorites: The Longest List of Faves

Hey hey friends! I have not been great at keeping on top of blogging during this last student teaching internship. But, guess what? I'm done! Like really, really done - my transcript says 'Bachelor degree complete.' I am anticipating having much more time to bake & blog in the near future and I can't wait to get back to sharing little bits of my life! Yesterday was tough. Saying goodbye to such a great group of kids was sad. I got so many sweet goodbyes and I am already looking forward to going back to visit and sub (because I'm a licensed teacher now!!).

I was scrolling through my camera roll before starting this post and holy moly, I have quite a few favorites to share! I didn't link up last Friday so I'm sharing the best parts of the last 2 weeks today!

The Bean turned 15 early in March (we are notorious for dragging out birthday celebrations). We celebrated with our grandparents a couple of weekends ago and per the Bean's request I made double chocolate bundt cake (recipe HERE). My family is  absolutely nuts for this cake and bonus - it's allergen friendly & refined sugar free! I also made my favorite allergen friendly chocolate chip cookies (recipe HERE). Both the cake and the cookies we a big hit and I know I will be making these often for family gatherings.

Also for the Bean's birthday dinner - this gorgeous salad. It looked pretty but it tasted even better! We have been eating this salad a lot lately (the strawberries just scream spring & summer!) and it is on my list of recipes 'to post.' I will get it up soon, so that it can be a fave in your house too!

This is totally teacher-y but I am obsessed with the 'U" classroom arrangement. My kids were in pods when I arrived and my cooperating teacher so graciously let me try a new seating arrangement. I have always wanted to try this set up and I am so happy with how it turned out! It allowed for great discussion opportunities, but it made it super easy to manage the unnecessary chatting. I loved this set up but more importantly my students were obsessed with it! I got so much good feedback about this arrangement!

I haven't shared a ton about this but we are in the midst of a pretty big renovation. We are expanding and it has been so exciting to see or house evolve. Last week, the Bean and I went out into the new build with a couple of sharpies and wrote some quotes on the wooden beams. Lots of happy thoughts going into the foundation of our home.

It has been a hot minute since we've had pizza night but we had one last week! We made homemade pizzas on English muffins and topped them with Trader Joe's pizza sauce, pepperoni, bell peppers and vegan mozzarella. This makes such a quick and easy week night meal and it is great for kids to help out with.

Look who I met last Saturday!! What what!?! For those of you who aren't as into figure skating as I am, this is Gabrielle Daleman! A figure skater who competed in Peyongchang last year! I got to see her skate live then take a picture with her - so cool! The Bean came with me and said I was totally starstruck - ha! I believe it! Only figure skaters and Hilary Duff could make me star struck!

Look what my sweet students made!! Aren't these the cutest? I'm a sucker for kid's hand prints so this craft totally stole my heart. With Spring and Easter in mind we made some little thank you cards to deliver to staff members. I gave the kids a list of different staff members and they each chose someone to write a letter of appreciation to. My students did incredible with this assignment. They needed no encouragement and they seriously wrote the nicest notes to their teachers. I was super proud to send them out to deliver these darling bunny cards.

There is a huge kindness initiative at my host school and my cooperating teacher is the ambassador of the kindness movement. I loved this message that she shared with the kids everyday. She is so good at consistently reinforcing kindness everyday. When I was planning a gift for her, I really wanted to acknowledge her role as a kindness ambassador. I saw this shirt on Pinterest and knew it would be perfect! With a little help from my cricut, I made this shirt and I love how it turned out!
Yesterday, after saying goodbye to my students I went out to my car with the heaviest heart. I was sitting in my car watching the buses pull out one last time and I caught one of my favorite views - my hope bracelet. I have worn this bracelet for everyday of student teaching and I get a lot of questions about it - Why do I wear hope on my wrist? What am I hoping for? Why did I choose the word hope?.... Kids are so curious about my bracelet, but when they ask I always struggle to answer. I had so many hopes in heart yesterday afternoon - I hope my students know how wildly capable they are. I hope I put a little extra love in their hearts. I hope I impacted them for better. I hope they know they have the power to make our world better. Gosh, I hope so many things for these kids, but most of all I hope they find all of the good in this world.

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Phew! Nine favorites? I think that's a record for me! Happy weekend!

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