Thursday, June 21, 2018

Top 5: Song Covers

When I sat down to post today, I was feeling nostalgic and browsed through the list I wrote in May 2014 when starting a blog was still just a dream. Blogging was so intimidating to me. So instead of starting a blog (something I didn't know if I'd be good at) I did something I knew I'd be good at - I wrote a list! I sat down and made a list of things I like, things I'm good enough at to post about, things I'm interested in exploring or learning more about. If an idea came to mind, I wrote in on that list.

Well fast forward four years and here I am two years into blogging! And in these two years of blogging, I've only posted three things off of that initial list! Mostly because much of the list is no longer relevant! I wrote things like blog about adventures in vegetarianism. I did go through a phase where I was trying to be a vegetarian (or at least eat meatless once or twice a week) but that is just no longer something I'm striving towards. I do try to eat meat mindfully and reduce my consumption of it, but my end goal is no longer vegetarianism.

All that being said; I did find two little gems on that list! One of which I'm sharing today and the other I'll share in the coming weeks! Today, I'm talking about my top 5 favorite covers. I threw in a couple extras. But I'm sharing 5 artists that have done some amazing covers!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Natural Dry Shampoo

Since taking a few steps towards using more natural products in our house the Bean has been all about trying natural beauty recipes! She's made a natural serum that helps strengthen eyelashes, she's made some detangler (that I love so much!) and she's made this natural dry shampoo! I'm a big fan of dry shampoo & since trying to wash my hair much less; dry shampoo has been a staple in my life! Sometimes, I use a little spritz of the traditional store bought dry shampoo, but for the most part, I've transitioned to only using this stuff!

This natural dry shampoo is SO easy to put together! In fact, we were running low, so I just whipped some up in 10 minutes yesterday as I was starting dinner! It's fast to make, it works super well and it's natural - I love it! The Bean found this recipe off a website called Wellness Mama, you can find the original HERE.

There are 2 different variations for this dry shampoo - a lighter version and a darker version. We've kind of adapted the original recipe to make it a mix between the two because we've got a little bit of everything in my house. I'm a brunette, my mom is blonde and the Bean is right smack in the middle with dirty blonde (she used to like to call it golden and claim she was Rapunzel- ha!). I will detail how I make the dry shampoo along with the little adaptations you could make depending on your hair color.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Bruschetta Quinoa Casserole

My mom has been making this recipe for years (because she's been gluten free a little longer than I have). Recently, we adjusted the recipe to make it better fitted to our needs. So, where the recipe calls for mozzarella and Parmesan, we use vegan mozza and vegan parm. If you have no restrictions dairy wise, go ahead and use regular cheese. I made this recipe for the first time last week and I was impressed to learn that it is easy peasy! There are some steps that are a little more intricate, but it is all totally do-able!

This recipe is from a blog called The Iron You - you can find the original HERE. Let's get on to the recipe!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Music for Monday: Have it All

Every time I sit down to kick off a new week of blogging, I open my planner to see what I have coming up. The first thing that I noticed this week is that I'm counting down to 5 different things coming up this summer - crazy! And with that I should mention that dealing with anticipation is not one of my strengths. I know that once all of the fun starts, the summer will go by so fast so I'm trying to savor every moment while still being so excited for all of the fun that's to come!

I heard this song as I was driving home from dinner with my friends a couple of weeks ago and it was just perfect. I was so tired but I had such a great evening with some great girls and this song was just what I needed to hear. I love Jason Mraz and I love this song. There are so many great lines and I love the message.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! As usual, I'm linking up with a few other bloggers to share some of my favorite things about this week!