Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Egg Carton Sea Turtles

I saw this idea on Pinterest and could not wait to make some little sea turtles for our craft wall! These were so easy to make and the end result is so cute!
I started by cutting apart an empty egg carton and evening out the edges so there were no pieces sticking out. I would recommend doing this part before letting kids help you because it's a little tedious to cut apart each section of the egg carton.

I then gathered some different shades of green paint and painted all of the pieces of egg carton green. Once they were all painted, I left them out to dry on some scrap newspaper. While the egg cartons were drying, I gathered some construction paper (lime green, dark green and brown), some pom poms, some googly eyes and a hot glue gun to use while making the turtles.

I made some little templates for the turtles' bodies and cut out 6 dark green bodies, 6 lime green bodies and 6 brown bodies, then set them aside until I was ready to glue them onto the egg cartons.

I set out the 18 pom poms I was going to use for the turtle's heads. We have a big pack of pom poms of all different sizes, but we chose to use the medium sized ones because they seemed to look the best when held up to the turtles' shells. My little helper wanted to use as many colors as possible for the heads but you could easily only use green/yellow/white/brown pom poms, if you want you turtles to look more realistic. We also have a sac of different sized and colored googly eyes, but we opted to use the smallest ones and the medium sized ones for our turtles. I hot glued 2 googly eyes onto each pom pom.

Once my painted cartons were dry, I hot glued each of them onto a construction paper turtle body, then glued a pom pom head onto the front of the cartons.

We used sticky tack to put these up on our wall, and we organized them into a little line just like real newly hatched sea turtles that make their way from their nests to the ocean. They are so cute and there is now talk of crafting them a little ocean wave to walk towards.

Happy sea turtle crafting!

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