Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chalkboard Cupboard Door

I spotted this idea on Pinterest the other day and I couldn't wait to get to a craft store to get materials! I picked up a 18x57" adhesive chalkboard, a blue chalkboard marker and 16 transparent adhesive hooks to hang the measuring cups and spoons.

I measured and marked my cupboard door with pencil to make sure the chalkboard was centered. It was a bit hard to get the chalkboard stuck without having air bubbles under it. I would recommend sticking it on little by little using an object with a square side to secure the chalkboard against the wall (A hard cover book worked the best for me).
On the top of my chalkboard I wrote down some measurement conversions that my family can quickly refer to when they are cooking/baking.
The cupboard that this door conceals has shelves at different heights, so I measured the space I had to hang the measuring cups and spoons and used painter's tape to make sure my cups/spoons would hang in a space that would still allow the door to shut properly.
Once everything was measured and labeled with painter's tape, I stuck the adhesive hooks right under the painter's tape. Then, I removed the Painter's tape, hung the measuring cups and spoons on the hooks and wrote the corresponding measurement right above the hook in chalk marker.
Here is the end result with the cupboard door open and a little peak of our craft wall... you can see our rainbow fish and our sea turtles! So far I have LOVED having this little chalkboard up to hang our measuring cups and spoons. We used to keep our measuring cups and spoons stacked inside each other, which wasn't always convenient, especially when we only needed one! This way they look cute and they free up some much needed shelf space!