Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Egg Cartons Crabs

I saw these little crabs on Pinterest and I could not wait to make some. I commissioned some help from my younger sister and we made some crabs to go with all the beach decor currently covering my mantle & craft wall!
Start by cutting up an egg carton. The cutting part is not very kid friendly because cutting an egg carton is tough! I recommend doing this part before letting kiddos get involved. Once the egg carton is cut up and you're left with these little cups, I recommend setting out some old newspaper and letting kids take over the painting part!
We did two coats of red paint, then let them dry over night. Once they were dry, I pierced some holes in the cartons to push the pipe cleaners through using a knife. I let my sister adjust all the pipe cleaners to make the cartons into crabs while I was hot gluing some googly eyes on the ends on some pipe cleaner pieces. I also used hot glue to secure the pincers on the ends of 2 of the crab legs. I made the pincers by bending a little piece of pipe cleaner into a "V" and hot gluing it onto the end of a straight piece of pipe cleaner.

The little crabs turned out so cute, they were the perfect addition to our beach themed mantle!
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