Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Top 5: Shoes Edition

Today, I'm sharing my favorite shoes. I was initially going to try to make a list that included a healthy balance of practical and fun shoes but my list ended up being completely made up of practical shoes because they are the shoes that I really put on my feet everyday. I have many not-practical/fun shoes that I love and I will make a note to post about them soon!
1. These UGG boots are my go-to all winter long! I love that they keep my feet warm & dry without looking like the typical clunky winter boot. You can find the exact pair that I wear HERE.
2. My Hunter Boots were my first big splurge, I bought myself a pair 4 years ago and they are still going strong. I wear these pretty much everyday in October/November and March/April when the weather is transitioning and everything is a big wet mess outside.  You can find my exact pair HERE.
3. My TOMS are my go-to summer shoe. When I am running out of the house between June and September, I most likely have a pair of TOMS on my feet. They are so comfy and so easy to slip on. I have a grey pair, a navy pair and a light blue pair, but I would have a pair in every color if I could! You can find TOMS slip-ons HERE!

4. So, I realize I just said that TOMS are my go-to summer shoe BUT I got Birkenstocks earlier this month and they are putting up a good fight. They are just as easy to throw on as TOMS and they offer a little more support. You can find the exact Birkenstocks I wear HERE.
5. I blogged about my new found love for converse shoes in June and I am still loving these! I love that they are a more sporty shoe without having to fully commit to wearing a running shoe. They are light and so so comfortable! I have a pair in lilac and I could not find them anywhere on the converse website, but if you are looking, they are dainty low-tops & they come in several other colors!

See you tomorrow!

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