Monday, September 19, 2016

Music for Monday: You Gotta Be

I am so excited about the song that I am sharing today! My mom listened to this song often when I was little and I remember always liking the sound of it but I re-discovered it as I was sorting through my family's massive CD collection and have found a whole new appreciation for it.

You Gotta Be - Des'ree
I am so glad my mom listened to songs with messages like this one. I love that this song encourages us to be strong & tough and yet still reminds us that we need to be loving & curious in our world. My favorite lines from the song are in the second verse - "...Try to solve the puzzles in your own sweet time. Some may have more cash then you, others take a different view..." This strikes a cord with me because I've recently been realizing how different everyone's lives are - we are all experiencing different struggles and different joys. This song reminds me to be sensitive/encouraging/kind towards others while still trying my very best in everything that I tackle.

I would love to know of any great songs that you've been listening to lately!
See you next tomorrow!

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