Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chocolate Tour

Today I am talking about a fun little thing my family did a couple of weekends ago - a chocolate tour of Montreal! I would like to first mention that this post is comprised mainly of selfies and I am super uncomfortable about that! I don't love selfies, I find taking selfies awkward but I didn't know how else to document this experience. So, lots of selfies today but I promise you that these selfie posts won't be common!

The tour started off at Divine Chocolatier where I first tried a milk chocolate with crunchy rice. This was by far my favorite place on the tour because we got to meet the lady who makes all of the chocolate and she told us about different celebrities who have bought chocolate from the store (like Johnny Depp!!) We got to hear about how the chocolate is made and then we got to choose a kind of chocolate that we wanted to try!! I chose a Bavarian Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Crunch and it was pure bliss!

Then we walked over to M Café where I tried a salted caramel macaroon and drank hot chocolate.
I have never been fond of macaroons, maybe because I don't like artificial flavors and I have never had a 'good macaroon' before but these were pretty darn good! The man that makes these macaroons told us that it took 8 months to perfect the recipe for these macaroons! Well, that hard work payed off because the macaroons are yummy!!
And this hot chocolate was delicious mainly because it was a chilly day but I was actually not impressed with the quality of the hot chocolate. I have made better hot chocolates at home!

Then we headed over to the Suite 88 Chocolatier and this place was my second favorite on the tour because their truffles were killer!
I had a crunchy praline truffle and it was perfection!
The decor in Suite 88 was amazing! There were fresh flowers lining the walls of the shop and it was magnificent!

Then we headed over to Lindt and this is when I found the tour started to go downhill because Lindor chocolate has nothing to do with Montreal and it is most definitely not made in Montreal! I was expecting to get to learn more about local chocolate shops and was not impressed when they took us to a big box store like Lindt.

Despite my disappointment, I still love Lindor chocolate! We got to try a Pumpkin Spice chocolate and it was delicious! I highly recommend getting your hands on some of those before the fall ends!!

Then we went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate and my disappointment grew because we were no longer going to local Chocolate shops and the staff knew less and less about the chocolate. They just handed us some samples instead of being able to tell us about their chocolate.
I was also not impressed with Rocky Mountain Chocolate because we were given caramel apples with M&M's on them! I was expecting to try chocolate and I ended up eating caramel apples! huh!?!

Finally we went to Godiva chocolate and I was over this whole thing, because once again, Godiva has nothing to with Montreal! The lady at Godiva knew nothing about chocolate just let us take chocolate off the sample tray!

This tour started off with a bang but it was a downhill battle! I was expecting to visit many local chocolatiers but I was a little frustrated that we ended up in big box stores! Despite not loving this tour, I think it is a very interesting idea and it left me wondering why they would choose chocolate. Why not choose something that Montreal is known for like Bagels!?

I would love to hear if you have any similar tours going on near you! :)
Thanks for reading!

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