Thursday, November 3, 2016

Party Games: 2 Minute to Win it Games

These are 2 great games to use a 'in-between' games at a party. I typically use them in between dinner and cake or in between cake and presents because they are so quick but you can play them a couple of times to stall until the next activity!
The Pom Pom Game:

Each party guest has 2 plates in front of them - an empty plate and a plate full of pom poms (I use paper plates and I put 20-30 pom poms on the pom pom plate). Along with the plates, the guests will each need a spoon - I use plastic spoons. The kids will have to put the ends of the spoon in their mouths and use the spoon to transfer as many pom poms as they can over to the empty plate. They have a minute to do this and they cannot use their hands. After the minute is up, have each kid count how many pom poms they moved over. 

The M&M Game:

This game runs very similarly to the Pom Pom Game - the plates can stay in front of the kiddos, but you'll have to replace their spoons with straws and their pom poms with M&Ms (I have used skittles before too). Set the timer to one minute, when the timer starts, the kids have to suck up the M&Ms one at a time with their straws and transfer them over to the empty plate. They can only use their hands to hold he straw. When the time is up, have the kids count how many M&Ms they were able to move from one plate to the other.

Like I mentioned earlier, I often play these games 2 or 3 times in a row at parties because the kids always want another chance to move for Pom Poms or M&Ms! I also love these games because the set up and clean up time is very short - this game happens so quickly but the kids love it!

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