Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Favorites

This week has been a busy one! I am anxiously awaiting Spring Break, so I can close all the darn tabs in my brain and rest for a week! I'm also excited for break because I've been working on a fun little cricut project for my family to wear while we're away! I'll blog all about that once I'm done! Until then, here is what I have been loving during my busy week...
1. To get the picture above, I went to Essie's website and found that they describe this color as a 'feisty hot pink' and they nailed it! I've had this color on my nails since Wednesday and I adore it - it is so pink and so perfect! Especially with Valentine's Day coming up, I have loved having this little bit of pink on my nails.

2. Did you guys see this Granola Bar recipe that I shared this week!? If it haven't, I highly recommend you head right over to it and make yourself some because they are scrumptious! I have had one for snack every day this week and I am looking forward to my snack today just so I can have another one! You can find the recipe HERE.

3. I've been putting some work into planning the Bean's birthday party for this year and I am getting excited! Her party is still a little over a month away but everything is coming together and I think it'll be darling! We are doing a Pancakes & Pajamas theme - think a pancake bar, sweet girls in their PJ's, some games, some crafting, some cake & more! I'll be sure to blog every little detail of the party!

 4. Every year, after Christmas, I get a little bit over the whole Christmas thing. I LOVE Christmas but usually by the 27th, I am all 'Christmas'd' out. Well, my family likes to joke that I have OCD - Obsessive Christmas Disorder and they might be right because after my little break, I'm ready to go again! I miss the twinkle lights, the movies, the time off and especially the music! I have started to listen to Kenny G's Christmas album again as I work just because it makes my heart oh so happy! But until then...

5. Valentine's Day!! I love milking a holiday for all it's worth and I intend to do just that for Valentine's day! The Bean and I are planning to make some Valentine's Sugar cookies and I'm looking into making some heart shaped cinnamon buns. Do you have any fun Valentine's traditions? I'd love to hear them!

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See you on Monday!


  1. That nail color is perfect! I love any pink on my nails :) I need to check out those granola bars because they look amazing and I'm all about that! I totally agree with you - I miss Christmas and can't believe we're another 10 months from it! Ugh! I'll take warmer weather though for sure. Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you, Kristi! I hope you get to try the nail polish and the granola bars! I'm definitely looking forward to the warmer weather too! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Mmm...heart shaped cinnamon buns sounds awesome. I love the sound of the upcoming birthday party. How fun!

    1. I'll definitely blog about the cinnamon buns and the birthday party! I'm so excited for both! Thank you for reading!