Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Cards

Happy Valentine's Day, sweet Readers!! My family went to Vermont this past weekend and I got to do some Valentine crafting with my favorite crafting buddy, Hannah! We relied heavily on Pinterest for some ideas but we had so much fun putting some cards together! I'll walk you through the cards that I made!

I made all of the cards using blank pre-folded cardstock cards. I also used a black Sharpie pen to write on the cards, some markers a hot glue gun, some felt and extra cardstock to decorate the cards.
This card says 'Valtenine... you make my heart soar.' I used yellow cardstock to fold up the mini paper airplane. I glued the paper airplane on with a hot glue gun.

This card was by far the easiest to put together - I wrote 'I think you're suffering from a lack of Vitamin Me.' And I stuck a yellow cardstock band-aid on that says 'ME' & has some hearts on it. Cute and super easy!!
I love this card soooo much! Maybe too much to give away! hahaha :) I used a black Sharpie pen to draw the bottom of a pineapple, and used a brown Sharpie to highlight parts of the pineapple. Then, I stuck some pieces of green felt on the top of the pineapple using a hot glue gun. Next to the pineapple, I wrote 'If you were a fruit, you'd be a fine-apple.' I love pineapples and I love this card!!
Okay even thought I do love that pineapple card, I think the way this one turned out is my favorite! I drew a pick up truck in pencil and darkened the wheels with the black Sharpie pen. Then, I folded a piece of red cardstock and a piece of pink cardstock in half and cut out some little hearts. I glued the pick up truck down and the little hearts into the bed of the truck.

Then, I wrote 'I love you truck loads' on a white piece of paper. I framed the white paper with a piece of pink paper and glued it down to the card.

What kind of fun things do you have going on for Valentine's today? I'd love to hear about any traditions!

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