Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Make & Take: A Retirement Gift

My mom put this gift together for one of her colleagues who is retiring and I offered up my Cricut to make the little tags on each part of the present. My mom did all of the heavy lifting for this present - she did the Pinterest research and bought all of the gifts. Once she had everything put together, I made some little labels to attach to the presents!

We included...
Some Reese's Pieces that say 'I will miss you to pieces'
A lollipop that says 'work will suck without you'
Some Tic Tacs that say 'Marilyn's RetireMINT'
Some socks from Chapters (a local bookstore) that say 'sit back and kick your feet up'
A mug that says 'not my circus, not my monkeys (I'm retired!)' with some tea inside
A bottle of wine that says 'I don't give a sip, I'm Retired!'
A Bath bomb from Lush that says 'Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension'

Everything was pretty easy to put together, the only part that took a little more effort was the mug. My mom bought a blank mug from the dollar store and we used my cricut to cut out some heat transfer vinyl. We cut out the words 'not my circus, not my monkeys (I'm retired!)' and ironed it onto the mug.

See you tomorrow!

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