Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Pancakes & Pajamas Party - The Games

I have been promising a post about the Bean's party since last week and it is finally here! Today, I'm sharing the games we played and tomorrow all be talking all about the food!

The girls arrived at 11:00 for brunch. once they were through with the pancake bar, we played the lap game. This is my third time animating the lap game and it is just as good every time. The girls get a kick out of it and it is so funny to watch too! You can find a more detailed description of how I do the lap game HERE.

Then, we played the blindfolded drawing game. You can find my description of that HERE. I asked the girls to draw the Bean, some pancakes, their favorite topping from the pancake bar, our dog - Finn and a sun in the sky all while blindfolded! The end results were great and the girls had so much fun talking about their pictures!

Above are three of the pictures that were drawn. Notice they all put a bow in the Bean's hair - I love it!! I love hearing the giggles when they take their blindfolds off and look at their drawings! Not their finest work but funny as can be!

After the Blindfolded drawing game, we played my 2 favorite minute to win it games - Skittles & Straws and Pom Poms & Spoons. You can find the description of both games HERE.

I love seeing the strategy the girls try to come up with during these games!

After they counted up their skittles or pom poms we played the games again to let the girls try to beat the highest score!

Then, headed down to the basement to play the newspaper fashion show - one of my favorites! You can find the description of this game HERE.

I think the girls had the most fun with this activity! We had to stop them after a half hour of dressing up, but I think they could have kept going all afternoon!!
While walking around, I heard some great quotes like 'Addidas who?' and 'we could probably sell this for millions of dollars!' and 'This side of the dress is G-rated, but this side is a little PG.'

We split the girls into groups of two - so one girl was the model, and the other was the designer. When the girls were done, we had each model come to the front to explain their outfit and give us a little catwalk! We played Supermodel by RuPaul as each girl strutted their stuff. Everything about this activity was just precious! The girls owned every little bit of their newspaper fashions.
Our little Finn was such a busy body during the party! He wanted to be part of all of the action! While the girls were working on their newspaper outfits, this sweet boy made sure he was up to speed on all of the latest trends!

After the newspaper fashion show, we set the girls up at the dining room table with some fabric markers and some blank pillow cases and let them go to town. They decorated pillowcases for about a half an hour and when they were done, we folded them up and stuck them in the loot bags to take home! As the girls were decorating, we passed around a blank pillowcase for them to sign and write little messages on for the Bean!

Lastly, we played the Blindfolded Treasure Hunt Game. I didn't take any pictures because it was a frantic mess of blindfolded girls! But, you can find the description of the game HERE. This served as our final game before the girls enjoyed some pie and the Bean opened her presents.

I'll be back with the food tomorrow!

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