Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Favorites

This week was one of the very best I've had in a long time. It was busy, but oh so good!

1. The Bean' school had its closing ceremony this week and after the ceremony, we stopped by a place called the Diperie downtown. It was so much fun! The Bean got her ice cream dipped in oreo chocolate then topped with gummie bears - I mean, I would never go for this combination but she was in ice cream heaven! I got vanilla ice cream dipped in mint chocolate and rolled in oreos! It was such a good combo and the most delicious dessert!

2. This summer, Montreal is turning 375 and Canada is turning 150 so downtown Montreal is all decked out and looking beautiful! There are flags hung down a main street in Montreal and there is some fun art up many of the streets! It was so fun to walk around and see all the artwork!
3. This picture is a little washed out, but I am so excited that my family is able to have fires outside again! We have a propane fire pit and it is so nice to sit out on chilly evenings, make s'mores and listen to music!
4. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I did my friend Francesca's hair for her convocation and she asked me to do it again for her prom today! We've narrowed it down to 2 hairstyles - they are very similar but we like different things about each hairstyle. If you had to pick, would you pick the first or the second? We would love your input as we make the final decision today!
5. I made this yummy summer berry tart to celebrate my uncle's birthday last weekend! It was the most perfect treat to bring to a summer birthday! You can find the recipe HERE. I brought this super tame treat, but another party goer brought...

6. A peanut butter fish cake - y'all! I couldn't even be that creative and imaginative if I tried! My uncles 2 least favorite foods are peanut butter and fish so as a joke one of his friends made a peanut butter and fish cake! The peanut butter and fish were just part of the decor on top, so we could take them off to enjoy the most delicious butter pecan cheesecake!

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I hope your weekend is full of fun!


  1. You had me at mint chocolate and oreos. Mad hair skills going on there! And the fish and peanut butter cake had me giggling. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Amanda!! I know, the cake was just too funny!