Monday, June 12, 2017

Music for Monday: Kris Allen (again!)

Last week, I stumbled upon Kris Allen's most recently released acoustic album and it is all I have listened to since. On a Music for Monday post back in September, I gushed all about Kris Allen (you can find that post HERE) and today, I'm just adding to that collection! Also, I finally got around to changing up my Music for Mondays graphic!! I was never really into the old one and it bothered me every time I used it! So, I'm very excited to be using a more subtle graphic and to be sharing more Kris Allen!!

Usually on Music for Monday posts, I embed the song from YouTube right into the post. Well, I just spent way too long trying to track down his acoustic album on YouTube - it's nowhere!! So I will instead link to the iTunes page where you can preview the songs and from there potentially find them on Spotify or apple music! You can find his album on iTunes HERE and if they are released on YouTube anytime soon, I will be sure to edit them into this post! My two favorites off this album are Move & Venice!

Have a great Monday!

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