Monday, June 19, 2017

Music for Mondays: Halsey

Back in January, I shared a guilty pleasure song and I still have moments where I think ah! I should not have put that on the internet! But the purpose of these Music for Monday posts is to share music that I am really listening to! Part of me is so uncomfortable sharing music that conveys a message that I do not support at all. But the other part of me just gives in to the fun of the music. So although I do not support or partake in anything Halsey sings about, I'm giving in to the fun today and sharing 3 songs that I just cannot get enough of!
Bad At Love - Halsey

Eyes Closed - Halsey

Heaven in Hiding - Halsey

I should warn that all three of these songs are explicit, but with this warning I want to share one of my very favorite memories...

Once when I was 4 or 5 years old,  I was in the car with my mom and she was singing along to Sunday Morning After by Amanda Marshall (Side note: I can't believe I've never posted about Amanda Marshall as a Music for Monday! I love her! I just noted in my planner to do that soon!)

Sunday Morning After - Amanda Marshall
 This song is still one of my favorites to this day! :)

Well, my mama sang the line "It's the Sunday morning after and baby who the hell are you?"And I remember being so shocked it took me a second to recover and ask her why on earth she would swear. She looked at me in the rear view mirror and said "If you're singing along to a song, you're allowed to swear." We have laughed about this so much since, but I so clearly remember my little self trying to process this rule in my head.

Keep my mama's rule in mind while listening to Halsey, ok? ;) Have a great Monday, sweet readers!

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