Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Favorites: at the beach!!

Usually, I'm rather excited when Friday rolls around but I have been dreading the arrival of this Friday because it means my first week at the beach is over! I am so very lucky to have a second week to look forward to! Here are the best parts of this week...
1. First up, let's talk sunglasses! I hate spending large amounts of money on sunglasses only to throw them in the bottom of a beach bag! I typically pick up a pair of sunglasses while I'm on vacation for less than $15 and wear them all year long! Last summer I got a pair from Sam Edelman's Circus collection from TJ Maxx for $12!!! I wore them all year and I still love them so much! I have worn them every single day at the beach and I couldn't love them any more!

2. Yesterday, I posted my very first day in the life post - ah! I was so apprehensive about posting it especially because my Wednesday on the beach was very uneventful! It was the perfect day for me, but maybe not the most perfect day to post about! I'm still very glad to have that day documented and hopefully I'll grow towards more exciting day in the life posts! If you are interested in reading, you can find it HERE.
3. I have been reading Sarah Dessen's books since I was a very young teenager, and recently I've started to re-read them all! I took a class about a year ago called Y.A. Lit and I learned how important it is to re-read books that were important to you in your childhood and through your adolescence! I was so excited to hear this because I can never get enough of Sarah Dessen! Here newest book "Once and for All" came out in June and I have been loving every bit of it so far!
4. One of my favorite things about being in the States is grocery shopping! I love the variety of products that are available here - especially M&M's! In Canada, our M&M selection is pretty restricted to regular M&M's and peanut M&M's. Depending on the store there might be few other options but none as exciting as what we've discovered in the U.S.!! On this trip we picked up some mint ones, some crispy ones and some peanut butter ones! I have loved having a little handful after dinner! 

5. Something very exciting happened yesterday - The Bean picked up a darling cardigan from GAP and when she held it up to show me once we had gotten home I thought Hey! That looks like it would fit me! She let me try it on thinking it wouldn't fit, but it did!! I am so excited to borrow it! Her and I have never been able to partake in the typical sisters sharing clothes because of our 8 year age difference! I think we're both a little excited and a little ambivalent to begin fitting into each others clothes! I am way excited to be able to borrow some of her cute finds, but totally ready to get my wardrobe on lock down ;) I mean what's mine is mine and what's hers is also mine, right!? Ha! 

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I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I love buying cheap sunglasses! That sounds ridiculous, but seriously! If you have Amazon Prime, check out Sojos. I got two pairs for $20, and I'm in love!

    1. I will definitely check out Sojos! Thank you, Melissa!!

  2. I love re-reading my favorite books from childhood. I keep them all on a favorite shelf and refer back to them often. Happy Friday!

    1. I love the idea of having all of of your favorites in one spot! Hope you had a great weekend, Angela!