Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Favorites: looking ahead to Fall & Christmas

This Friday officially marks the end of summer for me and I am not all that sad! I love back to school time - new school supplies make my heart flutter a little! Here are the best parts of my last week of summer...

1. I had the most fun with my friend, Lauren on Wednesday! We had a little end of summer get together - we made some avocado pesto (because I just can't get enough pesto this week!) and we packed it up to eat as a picnic on her family's boat! So fun! Lauren is vegan and she always has some fun recipes going on, I am not vegan but I loved trying avocado pesto! I totally forgot to blog the recipe, but I will ask her to share it with me and hopefully make it again soon to share!

2. Lauren loves hearing about my cricut projects (and I love talking about my cricut projects!) and she was very excited about the seasonal banners I make! We decided that we should make a fall banner together for her to hang in her house! We are both so ready for fall so we can collaborate on this little project!

3. All the fall booties! I bought 3 pairs of booties just within the last week - is that crazy person status!? There were some ridiculously good prices on Zulily so I grabbed 2 pairs! Then, I was at Costco and found the most darling pair that are by the brand 'Kensie!' How was supposed to ignore booties that literally had my name written on them!? So, now I'm the proud owner of 3 new pairs of booties that I can't wait to wear this fall!

4. I've started to put some serious thought into my family's Christmas card for this year. I like to start the process early in the fall so that the cards are ready well before Christmas. Getting them done early usually means that we get a better deal with the printing company and much less stress closer to Christmas! I am having the hardest time coming up with ideas this year! If any of you have any fun family picture ideas or color schemes, I would love to hear them!

5. Today, I'm at school! There are no kiddos in the building yet, but I am in full teacher mode as of today! These next 15 weeks will fly by, but I am so excited to bask in all things teacher-y and fall! I have no doubt that I will be completely exhausted by the time December 1st rolls around but I will surely have ample lesson plans to share between now and then! Hopefully I will be able to add to the 'Kenzie in the Classroom' portion of this blog!

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I hope your weekend is fabulous!

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