Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Tea Pary Pinspiration

The Bean is turning 14 in March and I'm starting to think about her party. I know, I'm 6 months early! But I really do start thinking about her birthday around this time every year! I like to have an idea in mind so I know what we're working towards. I only do the major planning details around January (like invitations, guest lists...), but I like to start a Pinterest board and start looking around for some little things we may need much earlier!

I started planning the Bean's parties when she turned 9 and we have had some pretty fun themes since! Here is a little recap of her parties that I have planned...

Ninth Birthday - Glamping Party
We invited some of her friends over for an evening of glamorous camping. The girls came in their PJ's to enjoy a facial and a manicure. I made s'more cupcakes for them to eat while they watched Princess Protection Program.

Tenth Birthday - Paris Bistro Party
The Bean sported a chic black tutu and a cute black and red bow while her and her friends enjoyed croissants, croque-monsieurs among other little snacks. The girls decorated sugar cookies and played some of my favorite party games before eating cake and watching Frozen.

Eleventh Birthday - Candy Shoppe
The Bean is a sugar queen and this party was her jam! Is was all about bright colors and candy - lots & lots of candy! Every single game at this party revolved around candy - we had a marshmallow toss, candy necklace making, candy house making (like gingerbread house but less Christmas-y!), lifesaver relay races and so much more! We sent those little party guests home full of sugar!

Twelfth Birthday - Ski Lodge Birthday
I wanted this birthday to be all about cozy - the girls snuggled up to enjoy hot chocolate and some crafting! They ate soup and played some fun games! This birthday was pretty mellow but the Bean said it was her favorite party ever!

Thirteenth Birthday - Pancakes and Pajamas Party
I blogged this one! You can read all about this party HERE and HERE.

I always worry that I won't be able to find a theme that was as good as the last - she's had some pretty amazing parties! But we had some really fun themes to pick from this year! She was choosing between a Pink Flamingo Party - think pink everything and lots of flamingos. A Hawaiian Luau - think Pineapples, Leis, a little tiki bar and mini umbrellas. This theme was our favorite until I came across a tea party!!

This year (well, really next year!), we're having a tea party! So far, all I've done is scroll through Pinterest for a little inspiration! Here is what I've come accross...

These pictures are from a party shared over at Feather & Light. I love so much about these pictures - the simplicity of the cake, the elegant floral two, the glitter number on the cake! Everything is just perfect! I am definitely going to try to re-create some of these pictures for the Bean's tea party!

I've been so into these little snack on tiered serving trays! There will definitely be mini sandwiches and I'm going to try to get my hands on some macaroons!

Much of my inspiration has been coming from a party that Natasha from Hello Happiness threw. You can read all about that party HERE. I love the florals, the little name tags, the beautiful tea cups, the gold utensils!! This party is just stunning and it is making me so excited to see the Bean's come together!

The Bean has been looking at many of Kate Middleton's outfits for inspiration! We have been on the hunt for the perfect tea party dress. We are also looking at hats and white gloves for her to wear! I doubt very much she will want to stay fancy for the whole party, but I can't wait to see what kind of outfit we can pull together!

We are having so much fun with the beginnings of party planning and we need all the help we can get! if you have any ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear them! I will be sure to update you on the party's progress and of course, I will blog the whole party!

See you tomorrow with a yummy vegan recipe!

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