Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Trader Joe's Haul

Haul posts are so outside of my wheelhouse, but I'm going to try today! I will not promise to be any good at this - I am so not a Trader Joe's guru! I'm just going to share what I love to get at Trader Joe's!

I should also preface this post by saying - I know that we bought a ton of cookies and we went a little overboard with pumpkin spice everything! While it is fun to go a little wild sometimes, we do not do this with our weekly groceries! This grocery trip is really just a fun 'in moderation' kind of thing!

First of all - how cute is this!? This right here is exactly why I love Trader Joe's! They're funny but they're informative! They know their stuff without ever being boring or dry! If Trader Joe's could teach a University class I would be the first to sign up!

I am all about these cinnamon schoolbook cookies! Not only are they delicious but they had me thinking about a whole bunch of lesson ideas! How fun would these cookies be for kiddos learning to read and spell!? They would be such fun manipulatives for kiddos in the classroom! If I wasn't so afraid of spreading germs around I would totally use these in my classroom! For now, I will stick to the plastic letters!

Next, these pumpkin tortilla chips! I realize how pumpkin crazy I am - it's kind of a can't stop, won't stop philosophy! These chips don't have a strong pumpkin flavor. You could totally dip them in salsa and just get a little hint of pumpkin spice afterwards!
We picked up some peanut butter protein granola. The Bean loves that everything a Trader Joe's is very specific to Trader Joe's! Everything sold there says 'Trader Joe's' right on the packaging!
I really don't know who put these cheese crunchies in our cart! But I am so glad that someone did because they will make such a fun treat!
I grabbed a box of this Harvest Blend tea and I am so glad I did because it is so good! My other favorite Fall tea is Bengal Spice by Celestial Seasonings. Bengal Spice is strong and packs a lot of flavor. Harvest Blend is the complete opposite - it still has all of the great fall flavors but it is a little more subtle!
If the Bean could live off Ranch, she would. So, we picked up a bottle of Trader Joe's Ranch!
These are a fun twist on our typical fishy crackers. I can't wait to have a little handful of these cheddar rockets in my lunch!
I tried these pumpkin cranberry crisps a couple of years ago as an in-store taste tester and they were too good to pass up! We serve these with a little goat cheese on top to make a fun fall treat!

Yes, we went overboard on the cookies! We got some gluten free Joe-Joe's! Some Pumpkin Joe-Joe's and some petite pumpkin spice cookies! We haven't opened any of these yet but I am so looking forward to trying them all!
And last but not least (but definitely the worst photo- sorry!) Trader Joe's spiced cider. This cider is just so festive! I love it during the Fall and all through the Holiday season! It is a sweet treat so I only have it once in a while but it is so good! I especially loved to drink this cider warmed up!

What are your favorite Trader Joe's treats!?

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  1. Like Cookie Monster...Me love cookies, nomm-nomm-nomm! I especially like that these seasonal items are truly tasty. Each item has a unique pumpkin spice flare to it. Those petite pumpkin spice cookies have a great spicy kick too. Nomm-nomm-nomm :)