Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Party Games: Song Synonyms

Happy Tuesday! I have to admit - I spent way too long looking at the title of this post! And I'm still not sure it's spelled right! The name song synonyms has way too much going on for me to keep up with! It is much easier to say the name of this game than it is to spell it and I promise, you will have a blast playing!!

This game is great for more casual & less structured parties. The Bean's friends are starting to be at an age where they can play this game, but I would definitely not play this game at a kid's party. I typically plan kid's parties to the exact minute (similar to a lesson plan!), but this game works much better on a loose schedule. I am working on a Christmas version of this game for my family's Jammy Cocoa Christmas party and I can't wait to share that with you! But for today, I'm sticking to the not holiday version of this game!

Let's get into the game - you could organize your party guests into teams or you could let everybody play for themselves. I typically ask the group to separate themselves into teams of 4-5 and then have a representative from each team participate in each round. This works best at larger parties - if you have more than 10 people at your Christmas party, I recommend splitting into groups! If you're a smaller group, you could totally let everyone play for themselves!

Once the guests are organized to play and ready to play the game, the animator can start reading out the song synonyms. I have a few synonyms to share with you today, but I encourage you to come up with some of your own! I had a really good time going through hit song charts and thinking of ways to re-word the song titles. Sometimes I am able to come up with the name on my own, but other times, I need a little help. For instance, when I was looking to re-word 'Pillow Talk,' I knew I wanted to use 'cushion' but I Googled 'talk synonym' and scrolled through my options before I decided on 'Cushion Babble!'

Here are some that I came up with:
Unable to Stop These Sentiments - Can't Stop the Feeling
Single Boogie - One Dance
Labor at the Bungalow - Work from Home
Cushion Babble - Pillow Talk
My Residence - My House
Wiggle it Away - Shake it Off
You and I Discovered Deep Affection - We Found Love
Palms to my Person - Hands to Myself
Lift your Drinking Vessel - Raise Your Glass
Alone Women - Single Ladies
Jog the Globe - Run the World
Artificial Fondness
Everything you Need to Know in Regards to the Booty - All About that Bass

I picked songs that are catered to a much younger audience. I would likely use these songs at one of the Bean's parties If the guests were of a different age, I would look up songs that are more relevant for that age group!

That's it! So easy to put together and so easy to set up! I typically don't keep score but if you are setting up a more competitive ambiance, you could totally award points! :)

Let me know if you have questions!

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