Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Top 5: My Crazy Habits

Today, I'm sharing five of my crazy habits. Let's be real, there are probably way more than five crazy things that I do! A friend suggested a post like this after noticing some of my crazy habits and I thought it was a great idea! Here is a little bit of my crazy...
1. I don't have Facebook and I really don't want Facebook! In high school, my friends could not wrap their heads around my complete disinterest in Facebook and I often meet people who just cannot believe that I don't have it. I have contemplated getting it for my blog, but I have no idea what I'm doing! I have to admit - I've even started to make an account two or three times and I always stop part way through. I still feel like a grandma using Instagram, I think I need to start with one social media platform before I move onto another! Maybe one day... but probably not! ;)

2. I know I've mentioned this before, but I listen to Christmas music all year long. I don't listen to it as much in June as I do in September/October/November but it always does help me find my happy! I really do love Christmas music but I especially love that it reminds of the season! I love how cozy the Christmas holidays are and listening to Christmas music always helps find a little bit of that cozy (even when it is June!).

3. I love planning parties and events (or maybe just planning in general!). I love creating guest lists, Pinterest boards, menus, activities, favors... I could go on and on! I love all of it! In general, I am a more introverted person, but when it comes to parties and events, I am all extrovert! When I was little, I used to plan imaginary parties - the invitations, the friends I would invite, the games we would play. I used to fill notebooks with imaginary party ideas. I think this might be why I love teaching so much. I love coordinating large groups of people and keeping tabs on their progress.

4. I don't really like classic Disney movies. I have tried rephrasing that sentence so many times because I really do love Disney - I love Disney music and I love Disney parks. I would even go as far as to say I love Disney Princesses, but do I want to watch Beauty and the Beast? No thank you! I've seen several of the more recent Disney movies, like Moana and Frozen but I really do not have interest in seeing the older Disney movies. When I was younger, I really was terrified of movies where one or both of the parents die and so I refused to watch The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and just about every other Disney classic! 

5. I am so not an animal person. I think I used to be - I distinctly remember sitting outside of a store in Cape Cod petting a Gold Retriever while my parents shopped as a 5 or 6 year old. And I remember following my grandmother's cat around her house when I was little. Somehow over time, this love for animals has totally worn off. I don't dislike animals - I want them to be treated well and given love, I just don't want them that close to me. I am okay with dogs, especially when they're small. But I have a much harder time with cats! Cats make me so nervous!

I think that's enough crazy for one day! See you tomorrow with an apple hand pie recipe!

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