Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Countdown to Christmas Signs

I started these signs in June. Yes, you read that right - June! I saw something similar on Pinterest and was inspired! I made 10 Christmas Countdown signs in total and I am so happy with the turn out! I have one hanging on our kitchen, but the rest are being given as Christmas gifts.
These signs were actually not that hard to make. Especially because once I did one, it was easy to do nine more! I got all of the wooden signs at the Dollar Store for $2 each and I stained them with a dark stain I had on hand.

Then, I cut out the lettering and the chalkboard with my cricut. The letters are made with white vinyl and the chalkboard part is made with chalkboard vinyl. I stuck each letter by hand - that was the long part. I'm really considering transfer paper. Do any fellow cricut-ers have recommendations for working in bulk? Is transfer paper worth it?
Ah the bow - my favorite part of everything! I adore bows! I looked up a little bow 'how-to' on Pinterest and used red glitter ribbon to make the bows. I used hot glue to secure the bows at the top of each sign.
The one that hangs on our wall is hung on a little metal hook. I keep a piece of chalk near by to switch up the number every day. For the signs that I am gifting, I taped a piece of chalk on the back of each sign then wrapped them to gift!

I've been pinning so many little crafty signs on Pinterest lately, and I love browsing through Etsy shops that make signs. I can't wait to make more soon!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! :) 5 days until Christmas!

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