Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Favorites: The Last of January

Happy Friday, sweet readers! How is January already coming to an end!? Crazy! I'm starting to look ahead to Valentine's day. I was in my Teaching Elementary Mathematics class trying to think of some magic formula to fit all of my pink and red nail polishes into the appropriate Valentine's Day season. I mean, that could considered as math, right!? I still don't know how I'm going to fit them all in! I might have to make some cuts! Ha! I wish I was kidding! I probably spent way too much time trying to sort this out!

1. Last Saturday night, my family had a little Mexican fiesta and this will always be my favorite kind of night - tacos and latin music is definitely the way to my heart! I'll take all the tacos, burritos, fajitas, nachos, quesadillas...!! You name it, I'll throw some salsa and guac on it and eat it right up :) And right up there with Mexican food is fun appetizers! Before dinner we had some beat crackers with brie cheese and grapes - so good!
2. Last Saturday, we had perfect snowman snow!! So, after our Mexican fiesta, we headed outside to build this huge snowman! Pushing snow around is no joke! It was tough to push all of that snow and then lift the head to put on top!

3. On Tuesday, all of my classes got cancelled! I was trying not to get my hopes up on Monday evening when some crazy freezing rain started falling. Montreal is pretty equipped to deal with crazy weather, I didn't want to get too excited! But when I checked my email Tuesday morning, I was so excited to find that all of my classes were cancelled!! And everything looked like a great big skating rink! Chipping the ice off of the cars was tough but it looked cool!

4. Last, night my family went out for dinner - and the appetizers were the highlight of the meal! We tried an artichoke spinach dip and deep fried pickles with cajun mayo. I had never tried spinach dip or fried pickles and I was impressed with both! We don't deep fry much in Canada, I hear of that much more often when we're in the States but it was so fun to try deep fried pickles!

5. And finally, the big highlight of my week... some live James Taylor. No, I didn't really see James Taylor, it was a tribute band. But this guy sounded a lot like James Taylor! I posted these two videos on Instagram last night. Doesn't he sound just like James Taylor! On a different note - I've been talking a lot about intentions lately. My intention this year is to be more spontaneous and going to this concert was one major spontaneous point for me! It was last minute, but such a fun last minute decision!

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Thank you so much reading! See you on Monday with some of my favorite James Taylor songs!


  1. Live James Taylor is something I can handle. I love his music... reminds me of my childhood. :) That snowman is huge!! I've never been able to make one that big. EVER.

    1. I love James Taylor too. It's all I've been listening to since that night! Hahaha the snowman is pretty big! I've been loving having it out my window all week! Happy weekend :)