Thursday, March 15, 2018

Clean Eating Mango Sorbet

I threw this recipe together super quickly the other day to curb an ice cream craving and it worked! It's definitely not ice cream but it totally passes as a sweet treat! Not only was it good but it was so easy to make!
I added about a cup of mango to the Nutribullet. Sometimes I am really careful about following a recipe but in this case, I consulted a couple recipes then just worked with the ingredients that I had!

Once the mango was in, I added water just to the max line - no measurements here! If you are doing this I recommend starting with a little then adding until the mixture begins to blend well and form an ice cream like substance. It's a little more ice-y than ice cream (does that make sense?) because it's just frozen mango and water but it's all good!
I split my sorbet into 3 servings and we all loved it! If you are looking for a healthier 'sweet' choice this is a great option!

I'm still on the hunt for some clean eating treats to share with you! A friend sent me one the other day that I am so looking forward to making and sharing!

See you tomorrow,

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