Tuesday, March 20, 2018

DIY Personalized Water Bottle (with Cricut!)

I have so much content to share with you over the next couple of days/weeks! I know I have expressed this before but there are definitely peaks and pits in blog writing - some weeks I am overflowing with content and some weeks I feel like I have so little to share! I am finally finding my groove with food again (even among all of the current restrictions!) and I am so excited to share some recipes with you soon!

I had a really hard time choosing what to post today (what a luxury!). I know I have some great recipes to share but I just have to put this Cricut project up first! The recipes will come but this easy little diy made my heart so happy and I couldn't wait any longer to blog it!

I've talked about this part of cricut-ing before. I love the cricut design space - it is so user friendly and once you get the hang of it, it's hard to go wrong! Part of the reason I loved this project so much is because the process was easy-peasy but the end product was stunning! I love when the process requires little effort and the outcome still super impressive!

I download fonts to use in my cricut design space - I usually look for free ones off Pinterest or Teacher Pay Teacher. Both are great font finding resources! I went through a few fonts and compared them side by side before deciding on this script font.
Then I let my cricut so its thing. I used to watch my cricut's every move (it is so fun to watch!) but now I use that cut time to get other little things done. I chose holographic vinyl for a white stainless steel bottle. I got a roll of holographic vinyl for Christmas and I was so excited to put it to use! It took me forever to choose between navy vinyl and holographic vinyl but I ended up going with the holographic - I love the extra wow factor it offers!
I threaded away the excess vinyl, leaving just the name down. Now, a couple things -

1. I did a lot of research before starting this project. I didn't know whether to use HTV vinyl or regular sticky vinyl. And guess what? I'm still not entirely sure! I found a variety of opinions online but I ended up going with regular vinyl, just to be safe! I stuck on really well and I intend to use regular sticky vinyl on any stainless steel projects in the future!

2. I used transfer tape for the first time and it was love at first use - I'm obsessed! It seriously facilitated this project. I wish I had taken some pictures of that process but my two hands were busy at all times! I'll try to get some pictures taken of this process soon! I was a little worried about how the vinyl would transfer from it's original sheet to the transfer tape and then to the water bottle but it all worked out really well!
I picked up this bottle at Hobby Lobby - it was pretty pricey. In the future, I will look into buying them in bulk online. I have found a few shops that offer great prices! 

While the holographic vinyl looked spectacular in person, it is so hard to get a picture of it because it reflects everything!! Ah! I will definitely note to take some better pictures in the future, but in the meantime, I love how this water bottle turned out!

I made this bottle to gift to my boss & she loved it! This was sort of a test run and I was so glad to discover how well it worked out! I am looking into making these as favors for future birthday parties or maybe as Christmas gifts - they make such great & personal gifts!

Happy first day of Spring!


  1. That looks really awesome! Good job Kenzie
    I'm not sure if you have heard of it, but another good website for font that I always use is dafont :)

    1. Thank you so much, Andrew! I so appreciate you reading my blog! I've never heard of dafont but I can't wait to check it out!