Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Favorites: Happy Easter!

Welcome to the last Friday Favorites of March! I have some great favorites to share with you before I head off for all the Easter things! I am so excited to host some family for Easter dinner and I'm making a dessert this weekend that I can't wait to share!

1. Yesterday, I blogged all about the Bean's party - it was my favorite party ever! If you missed it, you can read all about it HERE. I posted about the decor and the food yesterday and I'll be posting about the games next week! I was also so excited to discover that my grandma is letting me keep the tea sets! You better believe I'll be hosting millions of tea parties from now own!
2. As we were taking down the decor from the Bean's party, my friend Erica said if we reversed the 14 balloons they make 41 and that is what our ages add up to. Oh gosh! So, naturally, we filmed a boomerang! I was so grateful to have Erica's help at the Bean's party!

3. Yesterday, my mom brought home some Easter cookies from Sarah's Little Cookie Counter! I loved her Valentine's stuff and I was so excited to see her Easter cookies! You can follow Sarah on Instagram HERE to see more of her amazing creations! She releases sets of cookies seasonally that available for order and local pickup! Stay tuned for her next release; I know I can't wait to see what comes next!
4. Lunches have been a major struggle since starting this whole clean eating thing. If there aren't leftovers from the night before, I am seriously at a loss! On Wednesday, I whipped this up and it was my favorite ever! I made some rice crackers with a little red pepper hummer, some avocado and a cherry tomato - so good! Then I cut up some veggies to dip in hummus. Apparently this lunch was all about hummus but I have been loving it lately! I am all about hummus with everything!
5. Remember this meal!? My family ate this butter chickpea recipe over and over again during the summer but it has been a minute since I've made it. We had butter chickpeas for dinner last night and I'm obsessed all over again! I think I'm going to be making this weekly again for the next little while! You can find the recipe HERE. And major bonus - it's vegan and gluten free!

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