Monday, April 9, 2018

Music for Monday: Nobody But Me

In a little over a month, my blog turns two! How is that possible!? On one hand it feels like I've been blogging forever - this online space definitely feels like an extension of my person. But on the other, I still feel so new at this! Last year, I bought a gold mylar balloon and snapped some pics to celebrate - easy peasy! This year, my friend Erica thinks I should do something crazy - ha! That is so out of character for me! She knows who she's working with! If you have any bloggaversary celebration ideas, I would love to hear them! 

No crazy for today though; just music! And I am so excited about this song - I think there is a pretty fun fact masked behind your typical Michael Bublé song!
Nobody But Me - Michael Bublé

The Bean came home from dance the other night and played this song for me. Since then, I've listened to it over and over! I looked up who the rapper was in it and guess what? It's a guy from The Roots (the band that plays on Jimmy Fallon!). I think that is so cool! I had no idea they recorded music!

See you tomorrow,

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