Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Stars on Ice 2018

Last Wednesday, my friend Erica and I got to see Stars on Ice and as promised, I documented the whole evening to share with all of you! I have a mix of pictures and videos to share, so let's start with pictures along with a little recap then I'll put the video at the end of the post! And let me kick off this post by saying - I had the best time ever! I know I've said this before on my blog, but I love seeing great figure skaters do their thing and this show did not disappoint! That being said, I am not always good at doing things justice with pictures. I did my best to really soak in the show while simultaneously documenting it.
Erica and I headed in town around dinner time. The weather was reporting all kinds of crazy things so I dressed for the worst! I was ready for snow or rain and really cold temps! Well, guess what? We didn't get snow or rain and it was actually really nice out! So yes, I was way over dressed but I'm so glad we didn't get stuck in the rain!

I'm so glad I don't live downtown Montreal but I love downtown Montreal! I love being close to it and being able to go whenever I need a little city!
This is right about when I start getting way excited! I get so jittery when I see shows! I love the anticipation that comes right before seeing something so special! I think I said "Oh my gosh! I'm so excited!" to Erica about 45830 times before the show started and then I started up again as soon as intermission started!
We got to see Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje, Meaghan Duhamel & Eric Radford, Gabrielle Daleman, Kaetlyn Osmond, Patrick Chan, Elvis Stojko, Jeffrey Buttle and Javier Fernades!

Tessa and Scott skated their Moulin Rouge free skate and I put my phone away! There was a little intro video that featured highlights from their career and as soon as I heard Long Time Running come on, I put my phone in my purse and I just watched. That free skate is one of the most incredible moments I have ever experienced in my life! It was surreal to see it live. Since the show, so many people have asked me if I cried watching Tessa and Scott's free skate (I mean, everyone from my mom to my boss!) and the truth is I have no idea! I know I had chills from head to toe and I was just sitting their thinking I have to remember this moment for the rest of my life. I think Erica filmed parts of it, I'll see if I can get some of the footage from her and I'll post it!
Stars on Ice is sponsored by Lindt chocolate so they passed out some chocolate during the intermission! Umm yes please! What a great little treat to have mid show!
 This is a little video I put together of all the footage I took at the show. The quality isn't great but I'm so glad I have some little moments captured on film! I've seen Stars on Ice a couple time before and I always leave feeling so inspired! The show totally reignited my love for my sport! And on that note, I'm working on a post to go up soon about skating! I don't really share that much about myself as a skater (mostly because I'm no Olympic champion) but I love my sport and there are so many parts of skating that have impacted who I am today. So, stay tuned for a skating dedicated post in the near future!

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