Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Top 5: Favorite Movies

Hello, hello, hello! For today's post I've compiled a list of my top five favorite movies. I've done a post very similar to this one, but my list is always changing and evolving! So yes, that original post is still filled with movies that I love but I read it over the other day and realized that I have to update it! I have to add more movies to that list! So, here are five more movies that I absolutely love!

ONE - Wonder
I saw this movie back in December with one of my best friends, Lauren and I adored it! I read the book about two years ago (I definitely recommend reading the book first!) and I was so excited to see the movie! I was so happy with the movie. I thought they did a really good job telling a hard story! This movie is definitely a tear jerker, but the end is so victorious and heartwarming!
TWO - The Greatest Showman
 I saw this movie kind of by accident when it was out in theaters (I was hoping to see Wonder again - ha! But it wasn't playing anymore!). While I didn't see this movie on purpose, I am so glad that I ended up seeing it! I'm a sucker for musicals and this one delivered! The story was so uplifting and the music was so good! I still play the soundtrack all the time!
THREE - About Time
 I first saw this movie years ago and I loved it right away! This movie has its heart wrenching moments but overall, I found it uplifting and thought provoking! The story is about a man who has the power to time travel, but has to do so carefully given different consequences. This movie is loaded with good quotes and so much great music!
FOUR - How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Okay so, my first three movies were serious. All really good movies, but they definitely display my more serious side. These next two movies are just fun chick flick movies! I watched How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days for the first time last month and I loved it! This is your typical romantic comedy but it is perfect for a little girl's night in! It is light and funny and I think my favorite thing about it is that it came out in 2003! I love the early 2000's and it was so fun to see the fashion from that year!
FIVE - A Cinderella Story
 I watched A Cinderella Story right after I submitted my last assignment and it was perfect! I made myself some popcorn and thoroughly enjoyed my first afternoon without something on my to do list! I used to watch this movie over and over again when I was little (along with any other Hilary Duff movie!) and it was so good to see it again! It is a retelling of the traditional Cinderella story and I think it is just fabulous! Again, I love the early 2000's and this came out in 2004 so it right up my alley! I love the fashion, the expressions, the music... and of course, Hilary Duff! 

Before I sign off for the day, I must quickly mention that this is how I'm feeling right now:
I'm headed to see Stars on Ice this evening and I am so so SO excited! I've seen Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skate before but I am more excited than ever! They're skating their free program from the Olympics and I am so excited to see it live! I'll take lots of pictures and share the whole evening with you all next week!

See you tomorrow!

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