Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday Favorites: Hello June!

It's June! It's really starting to feel like summer around here and I am starting to really look forward to all the summer fun that's on its way! My bestie gets home from Poland in 30 days (and I am beside myself with joy!), my family goes to the beach in about 6 weeks (I mean, really! How am I supposed to contain the excitement!?) and there is so much more fun going on at the end of the summer! And despite looking forward to so much in the future, I am also working hard to remain in the moment and feel grateful for the little parts of everyday. That's what I'm doing today - wrapping up the best parts of this week!

1. Last week was the Bean's dance show rehearsal and it was long! She only dances for 10 minute blocks but her times were so spread out! So in between her dances, we ran out to get Copper Branch for dinner! Copper Branch is local to Montreal and it has quickly become my favorite place to eat out! I got my usual Aztec salad because I can't enough! And we got a vegan poutine to share! They make their poutine with oven roasted fries, cremini mushroom gravy and vegan cheese. I didn't know what to expect, especially because I don't actually love traditional poutine but this poutine was so good! It was a hot commodity in our car as we were driving back to the rehearsal!
2. I posted a little bit about the Bean's dance rehearsals on Monday, but her big show is this weekend! She dances in two shows back to back and if her rehearsal was any indication to how the show will go, it will be fabulous! I snapped this picture as we were running out the door to her rehearsal. This is the only weekend of the year you can find me carrying such a full purse! My purse gets filled to the brim with hair stuff & makeup and on Sunday the Bean tried to shove her jazz shoes in there! Umm no ma'am! I do not want dirty shoes in with my hair straightener! I will post a recap of all of the dance fun this week!
3. One of my favorite shows to watch in the Spring/Summer is World of Dance. Season 1 was on last year and I loved it so much! Season 2 premiered on Tuesday night and I was so excited to watch it! I always record it on Tuesday nights and watch it while I eat breakfast on Wednesday mornings (because it's on so late!)! This first show was so good! I was especially moved by the audition I included above. Jaxon Willard is a 16 boy from Utah and his audition totally captured my heart!I can't wait to see what he does next!
4. One of my favorite things about finishing school is that I have more time to read! I love reading, but I typically don't pick up books until I'm on vacation. I've read three since finishing school and I loved 'Open Road Summer' by Emery Lord most! It was a fun and light summer read about 2 girls who travel across the US together. One of the girls is a regular high school student but the other is a famous singer. I found it such an interesting perspective to read from and I really loved every minute of this book!
5. Did you catch this recipe yesterday? If you missed it, you can find it HERE. These baked chicken fajitas were love at first bite! I mean, you might want to cancel your dinner plans tonight and make these instead. They're that good! They are beyond easy to make and the end result is delicious! I especially love that this recipe caters to a wide variety of food needs! It's Whole 30 and Paleo so it's gluten free and dairy free!

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I hope your weekend is full of good! See you on Monday with music!

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