Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Beach Stuff

I arrived at the beach last Saturday, and I was struck my how perfect this place is, I always am. Our little beach town is like stepping back in time, everything is so quaint! It really is my place. I just love it here! This town that we stay in has such a small town feel and I thought I would share some of our beach-y fun!
First of all, this view! This is where you can find me everyday; by the waves! Everything is better by the ocean! The water was freezing last week so I didn't go in once, but it really warmed up this week so I've gone in a few times!

The next thing I wanted to share is the fun run! Every year, the town hosts a 5k run on the last Friday in July and it is just the epitome of small town living! Everyone watches from their front porches and cheers for the runners. It is such a wonderful environment of encouragement! I snapped a few pictures of the town square that shuts down for the run. The streets in the square and up main street overflow with people cheering for their loved ones and it is an amazing environment to be in!
This year both of my parents ran with our family friends, Hannah and Peter! They kicked butt and it was so much fun to cheer them on!
Every year, there is a 98 year woman who walks the 5k. This year, the Bean said if that isn't #goals, I don't know what is! Ha! I completely agree! I hope I'm still kicking when I'm 98!

Ok y'all here is where I talk about shuffle board. I feel like shuffle board is my calling. Like I could have been a professional shuffle boarder in a past life. Can you just feel the sarcasm seeping through my sentences? Because that was pure sarcasm! Shuffleboard is so not my calling but it is so darn fun! I honestly couldn't tell you he first thing about a shuffleboard game. Rules? I don't know them! Strategy? I don't have any! The goal of the game? I don't have a clue! But it sure is fun!
We head over to the shuffleboard court (is it even called a court?) in a big group and we play a few games before turning in for the night. Luckily other people know the rules, I just go with the flow. I don't have much game when it comes to shuffleboard but I can trash talk like no other. For real. I might seem sweet, but take me to a shuffleboard court and it's going down!
Otherwise, it's just a lot of beach time with friends! Yesterday, we turned our friend, Roma into a mermaid! I would rather not be buried in sand but Roma was down! She let us bury her and was chill as can be! Doesn't she make the prettiest mermaid?

Also, can you see the tiniest peak of all of those towels and beach chairs? We hit the beach with the biggest group and we end up looking like a little village! I love that there is always something going on. There's always someone to walk along the beach with, to ride the waves with, to run home and grab a snack with, etc. I love this big crew that we hit the beach with!

That's it for today! I'm off for more beach time!

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