Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Blueberry Picking 2018

A couple of years ago, my family went blueberry picking and we loved it so much we couldn't wait to go again! When we went in 2016, we picked 7 pounds of bluebrries - crazy, right? Well, this year, we went and picked 18 pounds. How? How on earth did five of us do that kind of damage in just 1 hour? On our way to go picking we dropped my Auntie Norma's birthday present and picked up her daughter to come with us. So, not all 18 pounds were for us, we did share some. But still, crazy! I took some pictures of our adventures in blueberry picking and today, I'm sitting down to share them all with you!
We go blueberry picking in small town Quebec and their property is huge! They have some flowers planted near the parking lot, but then the rest of their fields are berries as far as the eye can see! We pick blueberries but they also have raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, prunes and cherries. We've only ever been when the blueberries are ready to pick, we've never gone at the right time of year to pick all of the other fruits!

We bring our own containers, so once we arrive we get the preliminary weights of or containers measured. Then, they show us where we can pick from. They do a really good job of making sure visitors have their own little space. They give us a row of bushes based on what kind of blueberries we like (we always request the sweet ones!). We're given a row and then left to pick all the blueberries we can fit in our buckets!

When we've filled our buckets we head back to the main counter, where they weigh our buckets again and we pay for our pickings. I was not expecting the lady to say 18 pounds - that's a whole lot of blueberries! I was expecting 8-10 pounds!
This is 18 pounds of blueberries washed and set out to dry on our dining room table! We leave some in the fridge to eat, but we freeze a large majority of them to use in smoothies and baking. I've already made some blueberry cinnamon buns that were pretty scrumptious but I'm looking forward to trying more blueberry recipes over the next couple of weeks! It'll be all blueberry all the time around here!

When were leaving blueberry picking, we were talking about apple picking (one of my favorite fall activities!) and I suggested we pick pumpkins this year! I've always wanted to pick my own pumpkin! Maybe this is the year! Stay tuned for lots and lots of blueberry recipes!


  1. Those look delicious! Such a fun idea for a family activity.
    Blueberry cinnamon buns?! Recipe please! :D

    1. Don't they sound amazing! I didn't know what to expect but they turned out so good! I'll share the recipe soon!