Friday, September 28, 2018

Friday Faves: Goodbye September!

This Friday is coming just at the right time - I'm ready for the weekend! And it's a long weekend! We have elections going on right now, so I get Monday off as well and you will not here me complain one bit! Here is a little look back at the very best parts of my week...

1. I have to start this post off with the highlight of my week - Justin Baldoni's TED Talk. One day, I stumbled upon his campaign called redefining masculinity and I was really intrigued. Prior to discovering his campaign, I knew very little about him other than that he stars as Rafael on Jane the Virgin. After learning more about him, I have to say, I just love him. He tackles his TED Talk with so much bravery and honesty. His passion for bringing attention to gender inequality and skewed gender 'norms' is moving. He addresses pertinent issues with such grace; it really is a must see! If you have a free 18 minutes today, let it be for this TED Talk!

2. This semester, I am in a class that is all about Popular music & yes, it really is as cool as it sounds! We talk all things pop music from Beyoncé to Elvis to Ella Fitzgerald - how cool is that? If you've been around my blog for any length of time, you likely know that I love music so this class has been a favorite this semester! In class yesterday, we were talking about a record label and my prof said "it wasn't as boujie back then as it is today." Yes, my university professor with a PhD used the term boujie. I love subtle uses of popular slang words! This might just be my favorite class ever!
3. Another great thing about yesterday - my Mom and I had a break in common so we met up to go for a little hike. As we were walking, we started to hear some chattering that sounded awfully familiar. Sure enough, it was Miss Bean on her walk!! Every year, some schools in Montreal get together to do a 5K walk in support of cancer research. The Bean's school participates in the walk & we were just in time to see her! We were able to give her a quick hug before we all continued on our way. I love little run ins with my people in the middle of my school day!

4. One of my favorite recipe of all time - Brie and Apple sandwiches. It isn't much of a recipe because it's easy as can be. We just top a baguette with some green apple and slices of brie cheese. Easy, right? It makes the fastest and most delicious lunch or dinner! This week, we made the sandwiches with gluten free baguette, vegan brie cheese and green apple and it was the best supper!
5. Did you catch these fun caramel apple bites I posted on Tuesday? These are a super easy recipe and they are so much fun to put together! These little bites were such a yummy treat to have this week and guess what? They're refined sugar free! The caramel is made from dates so it isn't loaded with sugar like traditional caramel! These caramel apple bites got thumbs up all around in my house! We will definitely be making these again this Fall!

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I hope your weekend is full of fabulous!