Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Favorites: Back to School

I am so happy to see Friday roll around! This back to school business is kicking my booty. I think I still had summer brain until just yesterday! Knowing that this is the last year of my undergrad is really pushing me to power through but gosh that back to routine was a rude awakening! Here are some highlights from this week...

1. Last weekend, we went up to my aunt's cottage to spend a day on the lake and it was so much fun! It was the most wonderful last hurrah to summer and it made for the best labor day weekend! We paddle boarded, kayaked and swam. We barbecued and ate dinner by the lake. It really doesn't get any better! I'm already trying to figure out when we can go back and squeeze a little more out of this summer.
2. And since we're talking about lake life, I am so excited to share our latest addition. We have paddle boards! Actually, I say 'we' and 'our' but they're actually my Mom's! My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary recently and my Dad gifted these paddle boards to my Mom! How fun? My Dad got two inflatable paddle boards from Costco and we just love them! It was so fun to paddle around the lake last weekend! It feels so magical to be practically standing on water!
3. Last summer, my family started watching TV shows together. We enjoyed every minute of Gilmore Girls and New Girl and we just finished Jane the Virgin. We watched the season 4 finale on Tuesday night and all I have to say is what!?! Jane the Virgin is packed with unpredictability but the finale really showed how darn unpredictable this show is! I think it's safe to say my whole family just sat on the couch for a solid 5 minutes trying to process everything and put all the pieces together. I still have so many questions - What does Rose want from Rafael!? Who did JR shoot!? I can't wait for the next season!

4. I'm taking a couple music classes this semester and I am really excited about them! In one of them I'm going to learn to play the ukulele. Which has me equal parts excited and equal parts terrified! I played the piano for 11 years and the trombone for 7 so I definitely have a some music knowledge under my belt, but the ukulele? I don't know how I feel about that! Especially considering I once sat down to learn how to play the guitar and threw in the towel after about 5 minutes because my fingers got sore! I'll keep you updated and who knows? Maybe I'll share a song or two but don't hold your breath!
5. One of my favorite shows to watch during the summer is World of Dance. I didn't watch this season as religiously as I watched last season but every little bit that I do catch, I love! I especially love the lab. They are so cute and their dances are so darn good! This is from Wednesday night. I think I watched it four times and I still can't get enough!

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