Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Top 5: Quotes Edition #11

I haven't shared a grouping of my favorite quotes in a while! I've talked about my love for quotes before - I just love how words string together to make such amazing sentiments. I share quotes every couple of months on my blog and it was about time I do it today because my Pinterest is just overflowing with some of my favorites. So without further ado, here are the quotes that I have been loving as of late.

I saw a Kid President video recently in which he says we are all teachers. Whether we choose it or not. Someone is learning from us and we need to be cautious in what kind of impact we are making. This was such a pertinent reminder at the beginning of the school year to choose good.
I have a few classes that I'm taking this semester that I'm a little intimidated by. I had my first day of school yesterday and parts of it were just straight up overwhelming. I had a few friends in my last class of the day and we got to talk about our first day - our classes, our teachers, the impending workload... I told them I was a little ambivalent and nervous and some of my classes to which they said "it's the first day! It feels like a lot but you can do it." Simple, yes! But the best reminder that I can do and I will do it!
And since we're talking about school, this quote really rang true to how I am choosing to approach this semester. I like to do well in school and I still think doing well in school is important but I'd rather be known for my kindness and my authenticity than my academic performance. 
Another thing I'm working on as of late - being an encourager. Being a cheerleader for my people. I got to see lots of friends in the last week of summer and I noticed that many of them are so good at lifting others up. Seeing good in others and just saying it. Sounds super easy, but not always easy to do.
I mentioned in an earlier post that I read Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis over the summer. Talk about being an encourager, Rachel Hollis is one heck of an cheerleader! I love that she encourages women to be their own heroes, to be strong & fierce.

Happy Wednesday!

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