Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Yoga with Baby Goats!

You likely guessed the topic of today's post based on the title - I'm talking about yoga with baby goats! My Mom has wanted to do yoga goats for a while, so for her birthday this year, we surprised her and took her to goat yoga! Baby goats are just as scrumptious as they sound - they're clumsy and affectionate and who knew they loved yoga so much? Today, I'm recapping our experience with goat yoga!

We went to a local farm called Ferme Quinchien and they had many animals other than goats. Before starting the yoga we got to walk around and enjoy some of their many rescue animals -

As soon as we walked in we spotted this goat. Notice how far away I am from it - I am totally ambivalent around animals! I love them and I went them to be treated well but they make me nervous! I got much more comfortable with the goats during goat yoga but it took me a minute to get used to them. I definitely wanted to keep my distance from this guy and his scary horns.

And what did we spot next, you ask? Some llamas! Llamas make me laugh but again, I wanted to keep a safe distance between me and these guys! Especially because they are known to spit when they get spooked. I did not want llama spit on me!

Lots and lots of horses! The Bean is all about horses! She was in heaven hanging with these beauties!

Pigs! Just a couple of pigs chilling in the mud!
And chickens! Chickens everywhere! They were just running free and it freaked me out! A couple of times, I would turn around to walk somewhere and there was a chicken just looking at me. No ma'am! The Bean was having a field day watching me avoid the chickens!

Okay - onto the yoga part of our day!

When they first let the goats in, it was madness. Actually, I read back that sentence and thought - really, it was madness the whole time! I probably did about 15 minutes of yoga because the goats were all over! They jump on your back, they walk on your mat... but that's the point, right? The goats spruce up the yoga practice a little!
Anytime your in a pose where your back is flat, a goat will hop right on! The really little ones were more clumsy but there were some older ones that were pretty stable and good at jumping onto backs.

They were surprisingly heavy! Especially the bigger ones! The little babies were an adjustment but then a bigger one would hop on and suddenly the babies felt like feathers! It was a little like a dog pile too - if one goat hopped on your back, it became the place to be and all the other goats would try to hop on!

At one point, the instructor got everyone to go side by side in table pose. And the goats would hop around the circle from back to back. Lots of goat hineys in this pictures and lots of funny faces from me! The goats were heavy when they just hopped on your back and when I couldn't tell it was coming, it was strange to have a goat jump on my back!
It definitely took me a minute to warm up to these cuties but they were so sweet and made the most perfect yoga buddies (or distractions...?). At some point I noticed the whole class was going on with some yoga and I was just sitting on my mat loving on Bonzo (the goat pictured above). How is one supposed to continue yoga when a cute goat stops to say hi?

This was such a cool experience, if you ever have the opportunity to do goat yoga, I highly, highly recommend it! Goats make yoga much more fun!

Happy Tuesday!

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