Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Quebec City Trip Recap

Last weekend, my family took a little road trip to Quebec City. The main intent of our road trip was to see the Thank You Canada Tour, but we squeezed a little sight seeing too! Quebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec and it serves as a main topic of discussion in local history classes. There is so much history rooted in the streets we walked and it was fun (but oh so cold!) to hit the old town with my family!

I was last in Quebec City 12 years ago! It was a grade 5 school trip and I had the best time on the bus with my friends, but that's really all I remember about the trip. I wish I could tell you that I remember the important historical monuments, but my fondest memory is listening to Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani on the bus with friends. I was so glad to make some new memories and shop some fun local shops!
Let me start by saying - it was full blown winter in Quebec City. Winter has since hit Montreal in full force too, but last weekend it was still fall in Montreal and we were surprised to find snow in Quebec City. So, here I give you potentially the dorkiest picture of me that exists - does it get much more Canadian? Here I am in a bunch of Canada gear in front of a pile of snow, eh!

I was still walking through piles a leaves in Montreal and I was so pleasantly surprised to find this much snow in Quebec City! It was snow-y and it was COLD! I wish I had brought better winter weather provisions!
I didn't realize I was in a great big shadow when I took this picture, but I love that it captures how quaint the old city! The are so many little narrow streets with awkward turns and alleyways but it makes for the most darling little town!
We popped in a little candy shop and the Bean was in candy heaven! I've never been a big candy fan but it smelled good in this store! It was just wall to wall candy and they had such creative candy options. The Bean opted for the Small sugar rush cup and filled it to the brim with such fun treats!
We walked past a store with this cute pumpkin display. I'm a sucker for pumpkin anything, but I thought this was a particularly original pumpkin display. So fun to still see little touches of Fall among the snow!
This is another store we walked by. Look at all the old license plates. Inside, they had a license plate from Expo 67 in Montreal. It was cool to see historical moments recognized in license plates!
And, by far the highlight of my day - the Christmas Store! There were twinkle lights everywhere and Christmas music playing. It was basically Christmas heaven! I meant to take pictures inside but apparently I got caught up in all of the Christmas fun and didn't take a single picture.
As we reached the end of a line of shops, we walked up to the most perfect view! We stood at this look out to take in the view for a few minutes, but it was freezing so we snapped a few pictures then ran to find...
The. best. popcorn. ever. For real! And I don't say that lightly. We make homemade popcorn at home that is pretty darn good BUT we picked up a bag of maple pecan popcorn and everyone agreed it was the best popcorn ever! If I hadn't just seen Tessa and Scott the night before, this maple pecan popcorn would have been the highlight of my weekend. I'm researching recipes as I right this post! Hopefully I'll have a recipe to share soon!

35 days until Christmas!!

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