Wednesday, January 9, 2019

California Days 1 & 2

I hardly took any pictures on our travel day. We flew out of Montreal early in the morning so I used our travel day to catch up on rest and reading. I did however, take out my phone to capture this picture:
We had a layover in Denver, Colorado then we flew from Denver to San Diego and I was awestruck by these mountains! We were on top of the clouds and we could still see the most majestic mountains - crazy!
And, the first picture of California - a license plate! I love license plates & I especially love seeing plates from different states. I had never seen a California plate before! I also spotted some plates from Utah, Nevada, Oregon and Arizona (all plates I had never seen before!!).

Enough travel talk, right? Let's get into Day 1! On our first day, we had a lazy morning before heading out to La Jolla to see the beach and to do some shopping!

The sunset at La Jolla was beautiful! We got there too late to see any wild life, but I heard that this beach gets covered with sea lions and seals during the day!
It was surprisingly cold in California! I packed shorts but didn't wear a single pair! I wore this puffer jacket everyday and was still chilly almost all the time! I started bringing my mittens with me when I knew we were going to be out late just to keep my hands warm!
Afterwards, we walked around downtown La Jolla and found some cute stores and darling restaurants (string lights everywhere!!). We stopped in at a store called Sur La Table and had the best time looking around. Kitchen stores have a special place in my heart and this place was no different.

After getting home from La Jolla, we ate dinner and then went out roller skating! I was all excited to go roller skating, but once I got to the roller rink, the jet lag hit me hard! About 15 minutes in, I was skating around just trying to keep my eyes open. Once we got back to our friends' house, I crashed hard!

On day 2, we drove up to Pepperdine in University in Malibu and couldn't believe how beautiful it was! Like I would study anything at Pepperdine just to have these views! One of my favorite things about California was seeing the landscape - it is so different from Montreal! The mountains and crystal clear blue skies made long drives much more interesting!

Once we got closer to Malibu, we could see the ocean and it was stunning! We drove through Santa Monica right into Malibu and the views were incredible!
As we pulled into Pepperdine, we spotted some deer! You know - just deer roaming a university campus? That does not happen in Montreal!! At least not at my university!!

We drive through campus and I'm pretty sure I looked like the heart eye emoji the whole time! I absolutely fell in love with Pepperdine! I currently have their merch store open in the next tab. I'm humming and hawing over a Pepperdine sweater...

After Pepperdine, we headed into Hollywood and my heart eyes quickly turned into this: 😳 Oh my goodness, I was overwhelmed! I am so not a city girl, so I found Hollywood hard to keep up with but it was still cool to see!
As we were walking along Hollywood Boulevard, these stunt cars kept driving by. They were big fancy cars that could do all these tricks like drive on three wheels or bounce around to music. Like I said above; cool but overwhelming!

We walked along Hollywood Boulevard to look at some stars. I took 3 pictures of stars and shared them all above just because they are the most random assortment ever - Hall & Oates, Kelly Ripa and Aretha Franklin!
After looking at stars, we headed to Grauman's Chinese Theater to see some hand and foot prints!

These pictures didn't come out great so I'm just sharing a few - above are Julie Andrews & Meryl Streep!

This display featured a great mix of older hand prints (from the early 1900's!!) and newer ones! We were excited to see the Hunger Games Cast's hand prints. The Bean was particularly excited to put her hands in Liam Hemsworth's hand prints!

And let it be known that Ms. Bean is wearing my jacket in this picture! I used to wish the Bean and I were closer in age so that we could share clothes, but now that she actually fits my clothes I'm wishing she was 8 again! She sure thought it was funny that she was wearing my jacket around town!
On our way home from Hollywood, we took a quick drive down Rodeo Drive and it was beautiful!! We loved looking at all the big brand stores and snapping a few pictures!

Phew! Is that enough pictures for one day? It was so fun to look through the pictures from our trip! I'll share more tomorrow & next week!

Happy Wednesday :)

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