Monday, January 7, 2019

Music for Monday: California Dreamin'

Hello blog world! I can't believe how quickly the holidays flew by! I did my very best to soak every moment in, but it really did fly right by. I will sit down to share some of our holiday fun and our trip to California at some point, but for today I'm talking music. Gosh, it was hard to decide on a song to share for today. After 2 weeks off, I was thinking this first song has to be good. But I am taking that pressure off myself and just sharing a song that I have been loving.

The music on the radio in California is fun! It was so cool to see how the west coast does radio differently than in Montreal. I love Montreal's radio stations but California does hip hop better :) I loved listening to the hip hop in California! This song isn't hip hop but I loved hearing it on the radio while we were away!
Trip by Ella Mai
 This song will forever remind of driving in crazy California traffic! More on our Cali trip soon... 

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