Monday, January 28, 2019

Music for Monday: Sara Bareilles

I just did a quick search through my blog to find that I have posted about Sara Bareilles on my blog 7 times! I suppose you could say I'm a fan. I love, love, love everything Sara Bareilles does. I used to watch American Idol when I was younger and Randy Jackson would compliment some singers by saying they're so good, they could sing the phone book. That's how I feel about Sara Bareilles. I would totally listen to her singing the phone book.

As I was pondering through songs to post for today, my Mom played me 2 Sara Bareilles songs and it was game over. I just knew I had to post these songs today!

Tightrope - Sara Bareilles
I love The Greatest Showman and Sara Bareilles on their own but put them together and it is pretty much the best ever!

Hercules - Sara Bareilles
This one came out in 2013, but I rediscovered it when my Mom played it for me the other day. I love Sara Bareilles' ability to pair a light hearted melody with a fierce & powerful message.

Happy Monday, friends!

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